Medlite Laser Treatement

Medlite Laser - Reduces Pigmentation, Pore Size And Fine Lines, Removes Tattoos

Medlite Laser Treatment
Medlite laser is designed for the treatment of pigmentation, wrinkles, fine lines, enlarged pores and Hori’s naevus (an acquired deep brownish pigmentation in the skin).

It can also be used to remove certain birthmarks like Naevus of Ota and tattoo pigments. The well loved Medlite Laser Toning treatment can help to rejuvenate and refresh skin, firming skin and tightening pores while achieving a smoother texture and more even skin tone.

What causes these unwanted spots?
Melanin is what gives our skin its color. The amount of melanin in your skin determines if you have a light or dark complexion. Pigmented lesions are dark in color because the melanin is concentrated in one area of the skin, usually as a result of overexposure to the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays.

How does a laser remove unwanted pigment in the skin?
Q-Switched Nd:YAG lasers produce a special wavelength of light that is absorbed by pigmented lesions. The light vibrates and shatters the pigment, breaking the melanin into micro-particles and lightening the lesion.

In general, the Medlite treatment can:

1. Restore your skin from sun damage
Over exposure to the sun can lead to increased pore size, skin pigmentation, and a dull complexion. The Medlite helps helps to lighten pigmentation, decrease pore size, and smoothen skin texture. The overall result is a refreshed appearance and younger looking skin.

2. Stimulate collagen remodelling to reduce wrinkles and acne scars
With aging, collagen is diminished resulting in wrinkles and fine lines to appear on the face. Acne scarring also occurs as a result of collagen damage. The PhotoAcoustic energy from Medlite stimulates collagen remodeling, thus helping to reduce wrinkles and improve acne scarring. Some physicians believe these lasers are also helpful in treating active acne by reducing oil (sebum) production, a key factor in acne.

3. Remove tattoos
Lasers are the safest way to remove tattoos. But, not all lasers can erase tattoos. Hence the physician must choose the correct wavelength based on the color of the tattoo ink. The MedLite is considered the gold standard for single and multi-color tattoo removal. The PhotoAcoustic energy works to gently vibrate and fragment the tattoo ink into tiny micro-particles that are gradually eliminated by the body’s natural process.

What can I expect during the treatment?
Most people describe the Medlite laser toning treatment as a tingling sensation. As the light shatters the pigment and diffuses the pigmented lesions, the spot will turn gray or white for a few minutes as the skin absorbs the energy. Any post-treatment discomfort will feel similar to a mild sunburn, and any redness will dissipate within a day or two as the skin returns to its natural color.

Can the excess pigmentation come back?
Common pigmented lesions do not return. Some birthmarks may return after a period of several months to a year. However, the procedure can be repeated.

How can I better maintain the results?
After the initial treatment series, most patients return for Medlite treatments monthly or four times a year to maintain the great results. This anti-aging maintenance program is a smart investment in the long-term appearance of your skin - and a clinically proven way to improve signs of photo damage and replenish ongoing collagen loss. Patients say their skin feels incredibly soft and many find they wear less make-up as their complexion becomes more radiant.

Can I have laser treatment in combination with dermal fillers, neurotoxins, microdermabrasion and/or surgery?
MedLite C6 can safely be used to complement other aesthetic procedures. Different types of lasers and light-based devices can also be used together to target different cosmetic concerns. Your doctor will recommend the best treatment or combination of treatments for you.

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